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A shortened course was prepared for the Youth Hare and Hounds Enduro after the main Adult event at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham the other Sunday. The conditions were just as bad very muddy, slippery, stamina sapping although the rain held off. This event was sponsored by G H Motorcycles/G & B Aggregates and although there were only seven entries the organisers Sudbury Motor Cycle Club decided to run, four of the Youths had graduated to the Adult event and another six were riding elsewhere.

It was a dead engine start with the competitors running a few yards to their machines and first away was Will Belton followed by Morgan Plaskett, Cullen Hawkins with Jemma Sargeant last away. Unluckiest rider was Billy Sargeant making his debut in this event who fell half way round the first lap and retired but he lives to fight another day. First round on lap one was Belton followed by Evan Herbert who had made up two places. Hawkins was in third with a big gap between him and the next two riders Plaskett and Archie Peters. End of the next lap it was still Belton, Herbert and Hawkins followed by Jemma Sargeant who was a lap behind. On the next lap Belton came off at one of the corners and lost the lead and Hawkins took advantage of this having already passed Herbert and took the lead. Belton was not finished as a resident of Sible Hedingham he had the village pride at stake and within two laps he was leading again and Herbert had regained second place and was close on the tail of the leader. As the time went by Belton was now lapping every three minutes and was five laps ahead of second place rider and he had time to come into the pits to re-fuel and keep the lead. Further down the field the other riders stuck to their task and kept circulating despite the tricky conditions and being several laps behind the leader. When the hour was up the chequered flag went out and first past was Sargeant although she was not the winner the honour went to Belton on 21 laps, 2nd Herbert 16 laps, 3rd Hawkins 15 laps, 4th Plaskett 13 laps, 5th Sargeant 12 laps and 6th Peters 11 laps.

Official Result:

  • 1st Will Belton 21 laps,
  • 2nd Evan Herbert 16 laps,
  • 3rd Cullen Hawkins 15 laps,
  • 4th Morgan Plaskett 13 laps,
  • 5th Jemma Sargeant 12 laps
  • 6th Archie Peters 11 laps.