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Dave Barkshire 2 Man Championship Rnd 4 – Pebmarsh

The fourth round of the Dave Barkshire Motorcycles Two Man Enduro Championship took place at a new venue, Cross End Pebmarsh and organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club.

The course consisted of stubble fields, woods and a bog and the winners of all three Classes were members of the home Club with the name of Roper appearing five times.

In the Championship Class brothers Stevie & Jamie Roper took the challenge to the leaders of the Class which they diced with them throughout the two sessions and finishing on 50.40 laps with Lewis Bond/Tim Rose 2nd, 50.00 laps, Craig Roper/ Ross Taylor 3rd 49.80 laps.

16-year-old Jake Roper seems to be able to do nothing wrong having won the Solo Clubman Class while in the last round rode in the Expert Class and won on the day.  At Pebmarsh he teamed up with his Dad Phil and both had consistent rides winning the Expert Class completing 48.80 laps with Tom Sargent/Lee Monger 2nd 48.4 laps and Jack Austin/Joe Eaton 3rd 48.00 laps

In the Clubman Class it was a win for Ben Roper/Kieren Hibble on 46.60 laps followed by Dan Hill and Jon Finch on 45.80 laps with Nigel Ross/Graham Mays 3rd on 45.40 laps.  Andy Mason who has won the Solo Clubman Super Veteran Class Title for the 6th time in a row made a rare appearance and finished 4th with team member Julian Mair.

The fifth and final round is this coming Sunday at Kenton and the unofficial positions are :

Championship Class 1st Lewis Bond/Tim Rose 71 points, 2nd Craig Roper/Ross Taylor 60 points, 3rd Myles Saunders/George Eustace 44 points and Chris Wright/Dan Willis 38 ponts.

Expert Class 1st Jack Austin/Joe Eaton 56 points, joint 2nd Tommy Clark/Dan Smith Jake & Phil Roper 40 points with Mark Chapman/Michael Ridge on 30 points.

In the Clubman Class the battle is with three teams with 1st Ben Roper/Kieren Hibble 55 points, 2nd Dan Hills/Jon Finch 47 points and 3rd Graham Mays/Nigel Ross 44 points.

The Sudbury Club’s ladies organised a Cake Stall on the day and raised £670 which will go to James Barker Get back to Health Fund after his accident at a Moto Cross meeting recently, his wheelies are sorely missed.