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 imagesDave Roper Memorial Enduro at Tye Farm Cornard Photos
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It was a nice sunny and warm day for the first Dave Roper Memorial Enduro at Tye Farm Great Cornard and there were 90 riders spread over three Classes. Class One consisted of Evo, Twinshock and Pre 65 machines from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and they started the meeting competing in Events 1, 4 and 7. Events 2, 5 and 8 were for Clubman and Events 3, 6 and 9 were for Championship and Expert Classes. The pre 1990 machines got the meeting off to a fine start and in their first two events Les Rampton (Sudbury), Gary Gladwin (Sudbury), Mark Chapman (Diss) and Paul Owen (Southend) were the main contenders and this proved to be the same in their last event. Owen got a good start with the oldest of the Roper brothers Stevie riding his late father’s Tribsa up amongst the leaders. Four times Eastern Tye Farm CornardCentre Enduro Champion Chapman had a poor start and over the twenty minutes time allowance he showed his class and gradually overhauled most of the field and with five minutes left was in the second place but Owen was too far ahead to be caught thus winning with Chapman 2nd, Gladwin 3rd and Rampton 4th. S Roper was unlucky he snapped his chain on the last lap while in 3rd place. In the Clubman Class the main riders were Phil Whiting, Jason Carboult, Matthew Smith, Mark Fenwick, Matthew Moore (all Sudbury) and Jake Gregory (Stowmarket) and they battled out their first two events. The final event was a different story as the event progressed the field spread out and Gregory secured the victory followed by Moore 2nd, Fenwick 3rd, Smith 4th and Whiting 5th.

The Championship and Expert riders rode in the same three events and over their first two events Steven Green, Jack Berry, Glenn Walsh, Ricky Roper, Sam Toy, Craig Roper, Jamie Roper (all Sudbury) with Phil Burton (Halstead) fought for the positions. Their third and last event was all set to a thrilling occasion as Jamie Roper decided he would start after the rest of the field and see how many riders he could overtake. It was Craig Roper who took the lead followed by Ricky Roper with Burton, Toy and Kelvin Vant (Sudbury) hot on their heels. Over the first 20 minutes C Roper and R Roper battled away for the first two positions with the distance between them shortening and then lengthening. Meanwhile J Roper was craving his way through the field and with time running out could he catch the leaders the tension mounted. With five minutes left he passed his brother Ricky and got passed his cousin Craig and with one lap to go not only a Sudbury 1-2-3 was on the cards but a Roper 1-2-3 but it was not to be as R Roper crashed and before he could remount Toy had passed him. At the chequered flag the victor Jamie Roper not only passed every rider once, some he passed twice while C Roper was 2nd, Toy 3rd and R Roper 4th making a Sudbury 1-2-3-4. Phil Burton (Halstead) finished 5th coming between the other three Sudbury riders while Vant had to retire with machine problems.

At the presentation Dave’s widow Bev Roper thanked everyone for supporting the event and those who had made the cakes which raised £200. The icing on the cake for her was that she presented the award for the main event to her youngest son Jamie the current Eastern Centre Enduro Champion.



It is expected to be a line up of 80 riders for the Dave Roper Memorial Trail Cross Enduro this Sunday 13th April at Tye Farm Great Cornard near Sudbury Suffolk. This is the fifth year the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club has organised an event in the name of its late Chairman who died unexpectedly in 2009. The Sudbury Club have adapted a Trail Cross which they last run 30 years ago into an Enduro format and the riders will be divided into three groups with their first heat as practise while their second heat will decide who will go into the main event for the Dave Roper Trophy and the consolation event which will be decided in their third race. Racing starts at 10am and there will be the usual stall of homemade cakes to savour.

Dave Roper at school

Above Photo of Dave Roper when he attended St Andrews Primary School Halstead he is the sweet and innocent boy in the dark jumper

The historic track of Tye Farm is mentioned in the book published in October 2013 Motocross On Air which charts Television Scrambles transmitted by the BBC and ITV in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s and the Sudbury MCC were the first Club in East Anglia to organise Scrambles for Television, firstly in 1962 for Anglia Television and the BBC and again in 1963 for Anglia Television. It would appear the Sudbury Club were the pioneers for the Eastern region Television events and in 1967 after attending a meeting at Tye Farm the author of Motocross On Air Ian Berry was inspired to write about his favourite sport and wrote about them in his schoolboy diaries and produce his first book Out Front in 2010 about British Scrambles Champions 1960-1974.




 imagesButley Enduro

Photos of this event can be view at the following link with the write up by Roger Chaplin following.



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Last Sunday was round 2 of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/Eastern Centre Enduro Championship staged by the Woodbridge Motor Cycle Club at Butley. With no National riders competing this was the time when the real battle commenced between last year’s winner Jamie Roper and nine times winner Chris Hockey (both Sudbury). The main part of the result is over the three special tests with the final session to complete the last lap within ten minutes without time penalties. It was Hockey who drew first blood on the first test taking the lead of 6.12 seconds over J Roper who dropped his machine and lost valuable time. However in the second test J Roper was 6.17 seconds better than Hockey giving him the lead by .05 seconds.

Butley EnduroThe third test J Roper was in top form beating Hockey by 5.39 seconds extending J Roper lead by 5.44 seconds, in fact it was Ricky Roper (Sudbury and 2006 Champion) that beat Hockey in tests two and three but not enough to overhaul him. It was down to the eleventh and last session where the riders had 10 minutes to complete one lap of the course and during the day Hockey was flying while J Roper was coasting around, however he was conserving his energy for the last session. Hockey & J Roper where on the same minute at the start and everyone at the finish line were eagerly looking at the clock and when it flipped over to 10 minutes and no rider was in sight although they had another 59 seconds before the next minute. Then the clock flipped over to 11 minutes and now time penalties kicked in and with 45 seconds gone two riders were seen in the distance first one were J Roper who managed to make the finish line with four seconds to share thus incurring 60 penalty points while Hockey was close behind but as he approached the finish line the clock flipped over to the next minute and he incurred 120 penalty points.

Ricky Roper manages to retain his 3rd place making it 1-2-3 for Sudbury riders. Other Sudbury riders in the points were Sam Toy 7th, Craig Roper 8th, Stevie Roper 10th and Ian Parker 11th. The positions after two rounds in the Championship Class are 1st J Roper 29 points, 2nd Chris Hockey 28 points and joint 3rd Ricky Roper 20 points. Sudbury members were in the points in the Expert Class with Glen Walsh 2nd, Darren Nicolaou 4th, Nick Barrett 6th, Ian Tutton 7th and Andy Tyler 10th. The over 40 Expert Class saw Graham Mays 5th, Mark Waller 6th, Paul Belton 8th, Les Rampton 9th, Andy Quorn 11th and Jez Moss 13th. Sudbury members in the points in the Clubman Class were Ben Ramus 6th with two of the Team Dave Roper riders, 15 year old Alex Ramption 9th and Jack Nicolaou 13th. The current positions in the TDR Challenge are Rampton junior 1st 166 points, Nicolaou junior 3rd 163 points, George Warren 3rd 151 points, Ben Roper 4th 123 points. In the over 40s Clubman Class saw seven Sudbury riders in the points with Mark Green 2nd, Dan Goodwin 3rd, Jeff Turner 4th, David Meehan 6th, David Whitney 11th, Dean Curry 13th and Gavin Potter 13th. The Over 50s Clubman Class was a win for Paul Davis with Andy Mason next making it a 1-2 for Sudbury with fellow member Alister McFarquhar 6th. Round 3 is on Sunday 18th May being organised by the Sudbury Club at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham on the Hare and Hounds format.



VideosDr Shox boot camp video
This is where the Sudbury MCC Dave Roper trust funded under 21 riders have been training for more info on this school please visit this link



Blast from the Past

By & featuring Roger Chaplin

Anglia Television were doing articles on some minority sports and I was contacted by the Presenter and Interviewer Cy Percival asking me if I would set something up.Filming took place in January 1971 and it is in black and white because of a union despite with colour filming.The Sudbury Club in the 1960s organised for Anglia Television two scrambles demos at Tye Farm Great Cornard and of course we had the live BBC TV Grandstand Scramble (the second one they ever ran) with Murray Walker as commentator


Tye Farm 1971 Trials






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