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 video footageBlast From The Past
The is a gem cine footage put onto DVD. Suffolk Grand National Scramble 31-03-1963 organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at Tye Farm Great Cornard Suffolk.


News Item Passing of Dave Bickers
It is with great sorrow and sadness to hear of the passing of Dave Bickers who is regarded as a legend by those of us in the motor cycle world and judging by the many tributes that I have seen also well known throughout the world.  Dave was a Champion many times in Scrambling later to be known as Moto Cross and was born in Coddenham just outside Ipswich and I had the privilege to see him ride in his early times and instantly became one of my heroes.  In 1960 and 1961 he won the 250cc European Moto Cross Champion which is 1962 was upgraded to World Championship, therefore as he mentioned to me once the undefeated Champion.  Looking in my copy of the book Out Front by Ian Berry Dave won the 250cc British Moto Cross Championship five times and the 500cc British Title once while the book Moto Cross on Air written by the same author tells me he won the BBC Grandstand Television Trophy 4 times in the 250cc Class and the 750cc Title once.

TDave Bickershere are many memories Dave have left us and I would like to reflect his sidecar riding with passenger Peter Smith and it was at the 1963 Eastern Centre Scrambles Championship at Tye Farm Great Cornard when Peter’s strap broke in the sidecar and he was hanging off the back trailing along the ground and Dave saw this he turned round and pulled him back into the chair and both laughing all over their faces.  On another occasion in 1965 at the same track they were lying fifth and when they came to the crossing between the two fields Dave jumped it putting them into second place.  The third time I remember when riding at the Ipswich Club’s National Mardle Trial after they finished they gave a master class on how to ride the infamous Bomb Hole at Shrubland Park they rode at all the very steep sides and when they succeeded they rode down again and try another part.

Putting on my hat as President of the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club and my Chas, Barry and I offer our condolences to Silvia, Paul, Andrea and the family to a true and wonderful gentleman, rider and a legend.

Roger Chaplin.



Twenty two Sudbury Motor Cycle Club members made the long tri to Llandrindod Wells in Wales for the annual Welsh 2 Day Enduro and twenty one finished the event the unfortunate non-finisher was eter Beer. Day one was a hot and sunny and thirteen of the contingent had their best rides and on day two the weather turned and it rained and made the going much more difficult. This is such a oular event which attracted 473 solos and 27 sidecars and it is imerative to enter early otherwise there is no chance of a ride. Each Sudbury rider had their own ersonal success with Chris Hockey finishing 8th in the Chamionshi Class, Jamie Roer 3rd in the Exert E2 Class and cousin Craig 14th. The Over 40 Class Chris Koch was 10th, hil Roer 16th, Richard Walters 29th, aul Belton 35th, Matthew Smith 49th, Ian Head 58th, aul Webb 63rd and Gavin otter 65th. Gareth Young was best Sudbury rider in the Clubman E2 Class with a 10th lace followed by Daniel ier 29th, Mark Fenwick 32nd, Ben Martin 42nd, Marc Norton 45th, Jeff Turner 49th and eter Barltro 53rd. Lastly in the Sortsman Class Terry Hadwen was 42nd, hili Barltro 63rd and Dean Curry 85th. All the riders thoroughly enjoyed themselves and cannot wait for next year’s event.

Chris Hockey, Jamie Roer and hil Roer are returning to Wales this coming weekend as members of the teams the Eastern Centre ACU have selected to comete in the Inter Centre Team Enduro which starts on the outskirts of Machynlleth, owys. The governing body of the Motor Cycle Sort, the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) have slit Great Britain u into 20 Centres and the Eastern Centre comrises of affiliated Clubs in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex including arts of London. Eastern Centre Chairman and Team Manager for the event Jack Hearn has selected four Sudbury members for the two teams two of which are former Eastern Centre Chamions along with the current Chamion also a third ast Chamion has also been selected. Although the Eastern Centre has never won either of the two Classes they have always been u amongst the eventual winners and one year finished second in one of the Classes.

Trohy Team: Chris Hockey Jamie Roer and Ricky Roer (all Sudbury)

Vase Team: Mark Chaman (Diss) also cometing the Veteran Class Lewis Bond (Lowestoft) new 2014 Eastern Centre Exert Class winner and hil Roer (Sudbury).



Download Regs  Home Farm 15th June
Results UPDATED 20/06/2014 now avaiable for download The only change from the original is that number 50 in the CSV moves from sixth to fourth..

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On a cloudy and overcast day the stage was set for the 4th round of the G H Motorcycle/Husqvarna/Eastern Centre Enduro Championship. There a light drizzle at the start which made the going on the open fields a little slippery but the top three in the Championship Class coped well with the conditions. On the second and third lap there was the special test for all competitors and in the first one current Champion Jamie Roper recorded 4 minutes and 7 seconds while nine times Champion Chris Hockey and Jason Morland had equal times of 4 minutes 17 seconds. Roper had laid down the challenge to Contest leader Hockey and in the second special test recorded the same time of 4 minutes 7 seconds. The scene was set for Hockey and Morland to better Roper’s time and take the lead on the day, Hockey recorded 4 minutes and 10 seconds three seconds better than Morland. As these three riders reeled off the remaining sessions it was down to the ninth and last session where the time allowed was 10 minutes to complete the lap and every minute late would incur 60 penalty points. The clock flipped over to 10 minutes and now the drama was set could they finish before the eleventh minute. Morland appeared first with Roper a few yards behind and they both arrived in time and where was Hockey, he suddenly appeared and the countdown was on and he just managed to arrive on time with two seconds to spare. It was a win for Roper with Hockey 2nd, Morland 3rd, Julian Harvey 4th, Tim Rose 5th, Ian Parker 6th, Sam Toy 7th, Craig Roper 8th and Gavin Hockey 9th. In the Championship Contest Hockey and Roper are joint leaders on 62 points with Morland 3rd on 54 points and these three riders will battle it out at the last round on 24th August.

Enduro RiderLewis Bond once again won the Expert Class although he was lying 2nd after the first special test but nailed the second special test to beat Ian Tutton who had his best ride in the Contest by 10 seconds. Glenn Walsh was 3rd, Stephen Green 4th, Darren Nicolaou 5th, Daniel Piper 6th and Rob Blackman 7th. Bond has now won this Class and will be upgraded to the Championship Class next year and could well win that Class. Walsh remains in 2nd place with Nicolaou 3rd, Green 4th and Tutton 5th. In the Expert Veteran Class it was a win for Mark Chapman with Andy Quorn 2nd, Graham Mays 3rd, Gareth Young 4th and John Bishop 5th. Chapman has a 15 point lead in the Contest over Graham Mays and a 11th place in the last round will secure him victory but if he slip up Mays who is ten years older could sneak the Title. Ross Taylor was back to his best with a win in the Clubman Class with Jake Gregory 2nd, William Hughes 3rd, Tom Sargeant 4th and Ben Alexander 5th. Taylor now leads the Class on 62 points from Dean Goggins 56 points, Hughes 50 points and Alexander 46 points. It was another win for Mark Green in the Clubman Veteran Class with Jason Fowler 2nd, Duncan Griffin 3rd, Paul Wilkinson 4th and David Meehan 5th. Green extends his lead in the Contest to 11 points from Fowler and a 4th place in the last round will secure Green the Title. The leader in the Clubman Super Veteran Class, Andy Mason was on holiday so could Steve Finch regain the lead. The winner of the Class was Paul Davis with Simon Thake 2nd, Quenton Ramsey 3rd, Finch 4th and Russell Miles 5th. With Finch only finishing 4th Mason retains his lead in the Contest over Finch by 6 points and Davis is now 3rd and could still win the Title. Three of the members of Team Dave Roper featured in the points in the Clubman Class with Ryan McDonnell 6th, Jack Nicolaou 9th and Alex Rampton 11th. Rampton’s lead in the TDR Challenge has been reduced to five points by Nicolaou but Ben Roper still retains 3rd place with McDonnell hot on his heels in 4th.




Download ResultsFoxborough May 18th Hare and Hounds



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FoxboroughThere was thrills and spills, drama and emotion at last Sunday’s 3rd Round of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/Eastern Centre Enduro Championship at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex staged by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club. Jamie Roper (Sudbury) got off to a good start in the Championship Class but was soon passed by Jason Morland (Halstead) while Ricky Roper and Chris Hockey (both Sudbury) were in 3rd and 4th place. However a lot can happen over the 2.5 hour session where concentration and stamina is very much needed. J Roper was content to say in 2nd place as his nearest challenger, Hockey was in 4th place and would be able to increase his lead in the contest. Things did not go J Roper’s way he dropped his machine twice relegating him to 5th place while Hockey ploughed on passing R Roper to go into 2nd place. During the last 30 minutes the race was between Morland and Hockey with Hockey gradually eating into Morland’s lead and could the 41 year old overhaul the younger rider. The two of them were neck and neck during the last minute and as they came across the finishing line there was 30 seconds left and they had to do another lap. The odds were on Hockey because Morland was holding his broken sub frame together with his knees and it became a do or die in the bog. Hockey took a different line to gain the advantage but that did not work out as he lost precious seconds enabling Morland to pull away which he managed to hang onto his lead at the chequered flag. The emotion was for Jason Morland as his youngest son Kyle had been in hospital over the last few days and he was not going to ride but Kyle wanted his daddy to ride and win in which he did and Jason dedicated his win to his son. All was not lost for Hockey in 2nd place as J Roper could only finish 4th with his brother Ricky riding is heart out was 3rd followed by Tom Braddock (Lowestoft) 5th, Craig Roper 6th, Ian Parker 7th and Sam Toy 8th (all Sudbury). Hockey now leads the Contest with 45 points, J Roper 2nd 42 points, Morland 3rd 39 points and R Roper 4th 35 points. Meanwhile in the Expert Class current leader Lewis Bond (Lowestoft) was having a battle with Glenn Walsh (Sudbury) but got the better of him in the end. Stephen Green (Sudbury) on his new bike finished 3rd with Darren Nicolaou (Sudbury) 4th and Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester) 5th. Bond leads the Contest on 51 points with Walsh 2nd 34 points and Nicolaou 3rd on 33 points. Current Leader in the Expert over 40 Class, Mark Chapman did not have a good day with two punctures, the first one he repaired and after the second one he kept riding and finished 6th. Overall it was a 1-2-3 for Sudbury riders with Andy Quorn 1st, Les Rampton 2nd and Graham Mays 3rd. Chapman is still leading the Contest with Gene Womack 2nd and Graham Mays 3rd.

The morning session was for Clubman and Sportsman and in the Clubman Class it was a win for Ed Pooley (Stowmarket) with Ben Alexander (Woodbridge) 2nd and Dean Goggins 3rd and Goggins maintained his lead in the Contest with 48 points, Ross Taylor (Diss) 2nd with 41 points and William Hughes 3rd on 33 points. It was a win for Mark Green (Sudbury) in the Clubman over 40 Class with Duncan Griffin 2nd and Phil Roberts 3rd. Green now leads the Contest on 50 points from Jason Fowler (Diss) 45 points and Griffin 30 points. Andy Mason (Sudbury) won the Clubman over 50 Class beating Gary Drage (Sudbury) and Clive Stevens (Diss). With this win Mason leads the Contest on 54 points with Steve Finch 2nd 35 points and Clive Stevens 3rd 30 points. Another 1-2-3 for Sudbury riders in the Sportsman Class with Warren Whitaker 1st, Paul Webb 2nd and his daughter Samantha 3rd.




VideosDr Shox boot camp video
This is where the Sudbury MCC Dave Roper trust funded under 21 riders have been training for more info on this school please visit this link



Blast from the Past

By & featuring Roger Chaplin

Anglia Television were doing articles on some minority sports and I was contacted by the Presenter and Interviewer Cy Percival asking me if I would set something up.Filming took place in January 1971 and it is in black and white because of a union despite with colour filming.The Sudbury Club in the 1960s organised for Anglia Television two scrambles demos at Tye Farm Great Cornard and of course we had the live BBC TV Grandstand Scramble (the second one they ever ran) with Murray Walker as commentator


Tye Farm 1971 Trials






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