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video footageVideos By Roger Chaplin






Sudbury Enduro ClubDespite heavy rain days before the Extreme Enduro last Sunday staged by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex the event took place with very muddy conditions. Unfortunately the field the Club rented for car parking was flooded however they obtained a smaller piece of land for cars only while the 4x4 vehicles were sent up a muddy track to the course but with regret several cars had to be turned away when their field was full.

Sudbury Enduro ClubOf the entry of 50 44 riders started and at 15 seconds intervals the four Classes started by running down a hill to their bikes on the starting line. Riding in the Pro Class Jamie Roper (Sudbury) soon took the lead but was being chased by Charlie Frost (Somerset) riding in the Expert Class and throughout the two hours were neck and neck with the lead changing constantly As the conditions worsen it was Frost who rides in British Championship Extreme Enduros who took the Supreme Sudbury Enduro ClubChampion win by competing 12 laps to Roper’s 11. All the riders’ struggles around the course and the many Marshals were on hand to haul them up the steep muddy climbs but they still struggled on the flat ground over the many logs, telegraph poles, concrete stairway and the long slab climb. Jamie Roper was the winner of the Pro Class on 11 laps while Ben Wibberley (Sidcup) was second 10 laps, Sam Toy (Sudbury) 9 laps, Chris Hockey (Sudbury) 4th 8 laps and Ian Parker 5th 7 laps. Sudbury Enduro ClubThe winner of the Expert Class Charlie Frost out rode his fellow Class riders with his 12 completed laps as the next two riders only completed 7 laps with Brendon Mayers (Halstead) in 2nd place pushing Jack Berry into 3rd place by 13 minutes while Alex Ramp ton and Kelvin Vant (both Sudbury) completed 6 laps it was Rampton took 4th place to Vant’s 5th place by 57 seconds. Two more riders tied on 5 laps with Ryan McDonnell taking 6th place from fellow Sudbury member Phil Roper 7th by 9 minutes while Jez Moss (Sudbury) took 8th place 4 laps and Paul Belton on 3 laps finished 9th. The Clubman Class was also closely contested with Brian Till taking first place on 7 laps with Joe Till 2nd on 6 laps bother these riders travelling from Northern England

Sudbury Enduro Club

Photos by Anthony Ridge and are No.33 Charlie Frost, No.1 Jamie Roper, No. 42 Brian Till, and No 41 Paul Nash winners of the four Classes



With Christmas now over and New Year upon us how about shaking off those cobwebs with a morning out in the fresh air to watch an Extreme Enduro on Sunday 3rd January 2016 at Foxborough Quarry Halstead Road Sible Hedingham Essex. This is a nonstop motor cycle event starting at 11am and running to 1pm with manic, chaotic, mayhem and good riding over a hilly rock slab climb, staircase, mud, tyres, tree trunks and oil drums. The course has been lengthened with more open space to allow the bikes engines to cool down and to let the faster rider pass also parts have been widened with extra slabs and now old telegraph poles have been introduced. There will again be four classes being Pro, Expert, Clubman and Trials with the finishers receiving a medal for their endeavours. The Organisers, the Sudbury Moto Cycle Club will be using their new wristband transponders system to record all the laps and time and this will be able to produce a result after the event which will enable a podium presentation to the winners on the day. Special parking arrangements for spectators are being made and there is a charge of £5 per person which will help defray the cost of the meeting.



Course preparations are now in progress for the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club’s Extreme Enduro at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex on Sunday 3rd January 2016. Parts of the course has been widened extra slabs on one of the climbs are in place large tree trunks along with more tyres will be in place before the day. The course will be longer with open space for engines to cool down and to allow for faster riders to overtake. Photos attached all taken by myself (Roger Chaplin) shows some of the course during preparation.

Exteme Enduro Course Preview


Extreme Enduro Course Preview




Craig RoperDespite rain on the previous day and strong winds on the day itself the 2015 Muntjac Enduro sponsored by G H Motorcycles in the Thetford Forest with its 210 entry was a great success. It was thanks to the Diss Motor Cycle Club who organised the 11th and final round of the Edmondson Racing/ACU British Enduro Championship. There was more good fortune than bad for Sudbury Motor Cycle Club members and all eyes were on Craig Roper in the Expert Class and he managed to finish 12th Overall and 2nd in the Expert E1/2 sub Class which he had already secured second best rider in Great Britain in his sub Class. C Roper gained 4 points on the day while Stevie Roper was 14th getting 2 points and Steve Mason 15th getting 1 point. Meanwhile in the Championship Class Jamie Roper was up against the elite of the Country and finished 14th securing one point in the Contest and nine points in his E2 sub Class with a 7th place. Alex Rampton riding in only his second year made his debut in the Clubman Class of the British Championship and finished 10th getting 6 points while out of the points were Alex Walton 18th and Daniel Piper 51st. In the Over 40 Veteran Class Sudbury riders in the points were Gavin Hockey 7th Phil Roper 8th, Jez Moss 12th and further down the field were Nigel Ross 16th, Paul Belton 18th, David Keeble 26th and Martin Gunton 27th. Both Jason Ager and James Millar did not finish. In the Over 50 Veteran Class Graham Mays finished 7th and Chris Ginn 11th both winning Contest points. There was a private battle in the Sportsman Class between Jeff Turner and Dean Curry which Turner won with 3rd place with Curry 5th again both securing points in this Contest.



This coming Sunday is the Muntjac Enduro being the last round of the 2015 British Enduro Championship being staged by the Diss Motor Cycle Club in Thetford Forest near Santon. This is a very popular event in East Anglia and has attracted an overall entry of 210 riders of which 10%, namely 21 are Sudbury members. Leading the Sudbury clan is Craig Roper competing in the Expert Class where he has already secured second place in his sub Class E1/2. He is joined in this Class by Stevie Roper and Steve Mason while Jamie Roper will be up against some of the elite Great Britain riders in the Championship Class and the last Sudbury rider to win this Class was Chris Koch in 1990 and 1992. In the Clubman Class Daniel Piper has come out of semi retirement to compete alongside Ben Ramus while on the Veteran – Over 40’s Class Jason Ager, Paul Belton, Martin Gunton, David Keeble, Jez Moss, Gavin Potter, Phil Roper, Nigel Ross, Shane Sparrow, Gavin Hockey, James Millar and Gareth Young will be fighting it out to be the best Sudbury member. The Veteran – Over 50’s Class see Graham Mays up against Chris Ginn while Jeff Turner and Dean Curry are riding in the Sportsman Class.

Meanwhile last Sunday Sudbury Club President Roger Chaplin was re-elected at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Centre Auto Cycle Union as one of its Vice Presidents a position he has held for 41 years.



Sudbury Motor Cycle Club member Stephen Green as a boy watched his father riding in Moped Speedway at Tye Farm in his village of Great Cornard and from there got the bug and when old enough starting competing in Grass Track Meetings with some success and over the last few years changed to Enduros riding Solo and Two Man with his elder brother Mark. This year after riding a couple of Enduros Stephen who turned 39 recently decided to concentrate on Grass Track racing with some considerable success, last week at the Frittenden Flyer meeting in Kent he won the Upright Class with two firsts and a second in the three legs and was the winner overall. A few weeks earlier he competed in the British Championship and secured second place which was a great achievement. In the Enduro scene the current positions show Craig Roper lying 27th overall in the Expert Class of the British Enduro Championship and second in the Expert E1/2 Class however he cannot catch the leader as he has contested all the rounds however Roper with one round to go cannot be overtaken so he will finish second in Great Britain.

Meanwhile the official final placings of the G H Motorcycle/Husqvarna/Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Championship have been published which confirms that Jamie Roper has won the Championship Class for the third year in succession with Sam Toy 3rd, Chris Hockey 4th, Steve Mason joint 5th, Craig Roper 8th and Stevie Roper 10th. Jamie Roper has a long way to go equal Chris Koch, 6 Titles and Chris Hockey 9 Titles however the Sudbury Club can take pleasure in that their members have won this Title 22 times over the last 27 years. In the Expert Class evergreen Nick Barrett finished joint 8th, Jack Nicolaou 11th, Chris Hart 15th, Jack Berry 19th, Darren Nicolaou joint 21st and Stephen Green 24th. In the Expert Veteran Class Contest Sponsor Gavin Hockey finished 2nd, Phil Roper 3rd, Paul Belton joint 7th, Gareth Young 9th, Nick Ames 10th, Nigel Ross 11th, Mark Green 12th, Graham Mays joint 14th, Richard Walters 16th, Paul Davis 20th, Andy Quorn joint 21st, Phil Waldron 23rd, and Julian Mair and Les Rampton joint 25th. Alex Rampton won the Clubman Class with Ryan McDonnell 2nd, Alex Walton 4th, Jamie Lagden 10th, Ben Ramus joint 11th, Nathan Greenaway 17th, Matt Smith 19th, Dean Southernwood 25th, James Hockey and Ben Roper joint 27th and Mark Fenwick joint 31st.

More success for Sudbury riders with John Austin winning the Clubman Veteran Class, Jason Carsboult 3rd, Dean Curry joint 4th, Jeff Turner 7th, Phil Waldron joint 8th, Martin Baker 10th, Andy Peck and Kevin Mole joint 14th, David Meehan 16th, Gavin Potter 20th, Martin Gunton joint 23rd, Peter Barltrop joint 25th, and Philip Barltrop joint 30th. Finally Andy Mason won the Clubman Veteran Class for the second year running, Gary Drage 3rd, Alister McFarquhar 6th, Sean MacDonald 7th, Perry Miller 8th, Trevor Scott 9th, Simon Thake 11th, Chris Ginn and Les Rampton joint 12th, Ed Kerridge 16th and Paul Webb joint 18th. For 2015 Sudbury members have won 4 of the 6 Titles where in 2014 they won 3 Titles.



Download ResultsRESULTS DOWNLOAD Foxborough 2 Man Enduro 27th September 2015.



 video footageVideos By Roger Chaplin





Aston Bird

Course conditions were perfect for the 5th round of the Dave Barkshire Motorcycles Two Man Enduro Championship organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham. Although a disappointing entry of only 25 teams over the three Classes those who rode thoroughly enjoyed the way the course was laid out.

For the first time at a Two Man the Sudbury Club used their timing and recording system where riders had to swipe their wristband transponders against the receiver at the end of each lap while the special test timing was done the usual way.

The Championship Class although with only three teams was hotly contested by Glenn Walsh/Craig Roper, Stevie Roper/Jack Berry (both pairs Sudbury) and Aston Bird/Carl Grantham (Woodbridge). Bird was in dominating form completing 15 laps along with Grantham’s 12 laps in the morning session however their total of 27 laps was equalled by Walsh & C Roper while S Roper and Berry did 26 laps. Carl GranthamDuring the afternoon session Walsh came off on the first lap and had to retire also did not record a time on the Special Test and then C Roper rode all the sub sessions but the team failed to finish. Meanwhile Bird/Grantham and S Roper/Berry were fighting it out for first place and at the end of the two hours Bird/Grantham were the winners on 53.00 laps from S Roper/Berry on 51.5 laps. From these provisional results it looks like that Bird/Grantham will be the Championship Class winners for 2015Chris Wright with one round to go. There was some close and very keen riding in the Expert Class and at the end of the morning session Kieron Snowling/Mark Sharman (Halstead) completed 53 laps while on 52 laps were Rob Aldridge (Diss)/Ed Pooley (Stowmarket), Kevin Palmer Norwich)/Ben Grice (Lowestoft) and Martin & David Stevens (Diss). The afternoon session proved decisive with Aldridge & Pooley putting together an excellent ride winning the Class onDan Willlis 51.25 laps, with 2nd Palmer/Grice 50.25 laps, 3rd Snowling/Sharman 50.00 laps beating the Stevens brothers who rode the same number of laps by point 18 seconds on the Special Test. Although it is yet to be confirmed it looks like that Aldrdige & Pooley are the 2015 winners of the Expert Class making their Sponsor Paul Ranson of the Ranson Racing Team a happy man.

The Clubman Class was well contested with John Austin/Paul Bailey (Sudbury) and Dan Willis (Stowmarket)/Chris Wright (Diss)finishing the morningEd Pooley session on 25 laps with Perry Miller/Phil Whiting (Sudbury) and Kevin Silvain/Dean Southernwood (TBEC) on 24 laps. It was all down to the afternoon session and to what time penalties might be deducted and Willis/Wright came out top with 49.25 laps, 2nd Silvain/Southernwood 49.00 laps, and 3rd Austin/Bailey 47.00 laps while Miller/Whiting secured 4th place on 45.50 pushing Dale Wiseman/Kevin Gore (Norwich) into 5th place by point 19 seconds on the Special Test.Rob Aldridge It appears that Willis and Wright have an unassailable lead therefore the 2015 Clubman Class Title will go to them and they are also sponsored by the Ranson Racing Team.





Craig RoperIt was quite a successful weekend for members of the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club. At round 9 and 10 of the British Enduro Championship held at Bordon Hampshire Craig Roper finished 12th and 11th overall in the Expert Class while in his Expert E1/2 sub Class he finished 2nd in both rounds. Provisionally Roper is second in his sub Class and although there is one more round to go on 15th November in Thetford Forest at Santon it look like he will finish second overall from riders competing all around Great Britain. Jack Nicolaou finished 25th and 16th overall in the Clubman Class and 12th and 7th in the Clubman E2 sub Class while Will Hughes (Braintree) finished 10th in both rounds overall in the same Class as Nicolaou and had 3rd and 4th in the same sub Class. Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester) had to retire in round 9 but in round 10 he finished 19th overall in the Clubman Class and 7th in the Clubman E1/2 sub Class. Meanwhile at the 4th round of the Dave Barkshire Motorcycles Two Man Championship at Kenton organised by the Stowmarket Motor Cycle Club Alex Walton/Jamie Lagden finished 4th in the Expert Class with Phil Roper/Paul Belton 8th, Graham Mays/Nigel Ross 12th and Gavin Potter/Martin Gunton 14th. In the Clubman Class Adam Kempster/Keith Potter were 3rd, Dan Goodwin with Woodbridge’s Tom Morris 4th, Perry Miller/Phil Waldron 5th, Jason Carsboult/John Roach 9th and Carl Day/Tim Walsh 15th. Glenn Walsh was unfortunate not to finish in the Championship Class as his partner Adam Ranson (Diss) injured himself and had to retire. However Walsh rode most of the afternoon session by himself in order to get much needed practise for the annual Beach Race in three weeks time.

Round 5 of the Two Man Enduro Championship is this coming Sunday being staged by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex. The start time for the first two hour session is an hour earlier and will be 9am with the second session now starting at 12 noon.


This coming weekend two Sudbury Motor Cycle Club members, Craig Roper and Jack Nicolaou are making the trek to Bordon Hants to ride in round 9 and 10 of the British Enduro Championship and are aiming to finish in the points. Meanwhile several Sudbury riders will be competing in the 4th round of the Dave Barkshire Two Man Enduro Championship at Kenton organised by the Stowmarket Club. A week later on 27th September the Sudbury Club will be organising the 5th round of this Two Man Championship at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex and preparations are well in hand. This will be the Club’s last event for 2015 however on 3rd January 2016 they will be running their second Extreme Enduro which proved very popular and attracted riders from outside East Anglia including the comedian Ross Noble also a large gathering of spectators were well entertained.



 video footageBlast From The Past
The is a gem cine footage put onto DVD. Suffolk Grand National Scramble 31-03-1963 organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at Tye Farm Great Cornard Suffolk.



VideosDr Shox boot camp video
This is where the Sudbury MCC Dave Roper trust funded under 21 riders have been training for more info on this school please  >>visit this link<<



Blast from the Past

By & featuring Roger Chaplin

Anglia Television were doing articles on some minority sports and I was contacted by the Presenter and Interviewer Cy Percival asking me if I would set something up.Filming took place in January 1971 and it is in black and white because of a union despite with colour filming.The Sudbury Club in the 1960s organised for Anglia Television two scrambles demos at Tye Farm Great Cornard and of course we had the live BBC TV Grandstand Scramble (the second one they ever ran) with Murray Walker as commentator


Tye Farm 1971 Trials






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