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Dave RoperPreparations are in hand for the Dave Roper Memorial Trailcross/Scramble Enduro on Sunday 19th April at Tye Farm Great Cornard Suffolk. Last year the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club could not run a Moto Cross so they adapted the old style Trailcross into an Enduro format which a great success so they have again decided to run this type of event. The event is open to Championship, Expert, Clubman, Evo, Twinshock and Pre-65 Classes and so far there have been 50 entries across the Classes. More information will be available with the next seven days but one thing is certain there will be a Cake Stall which last year raised £200 for the Dave Roper Memorial Fund.



imagesButley Enduro 22 March 2015
Not a SudburyMCC event but thanks to Sharon Barltrop here is a link to some photos of this event.




Alex Rampton The provisional results for the second round of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/Eastern Centre Enduro Championships sees three Sudbury Motor Cycle Club members winning three of the six Classes last Sunday at Butley staged by the Woodbridge Motor Cycle Club. 16 year old Alex Rampton (pictured right) riding only his second season was in awesome form winning the Clubman Class and was 28.52 seconds faster over second place rider after completing the two special tests. Ryan McDonnell also having a good ride finished 4th while Dean Southernwood had a creditable 12th. Although these results may change however Rampton is joint leader with Martin Stevens (Diss) on 37 points while McDonnell is 3rd on 23 points. Next Sudbury winner was Contest Sponsor Gavin Hockey taking first place in the Expert Veteran Class and was 14.80 seconds faster than 2nd place Phil Roper (Sudbury). Other Sudbury placings were Graham Mays 8th, Mark Green 9th, Richard Walters 10th, Gareth Young 11th. Paul Belton 12th, Nigel Ross 13th and Les Rampton 14th. Provisionally Hockey leads the Expert Veteran Class with Phil Roper 3rd, Nick Ames and Richard Walters joint 8th. Third Sudbury winner was Andy Mason being the best Clubman Super Veteran by 29.58 seconds. Further down the order were Gary Drage 10th, Perry Miller 11th and Trevor Scott 12th. Mason is now 4th in his Class with Drage 6th, Chris Ginn 7th and Scott 11th. British 125cc Enduro Champion Brad Freeman rode for the second time this year in the Championship Class and won this Class with Aston Bird (Woodbridge) 2nd. Sudbury riders Jamie Roper was 3rd, Chris Hockey 4th, Sam Toy 7th, Stevie Roper 10th, and Steve Mason 11th. Halstead riders Jason Morland and Brendon Mayers were 5th and 8th. Freeman leads the Championship Contest with best Eastern Centre rider Bird 2nd while Roper and Hockey are locked together in 3rd place. In the Expert Class Jack Berry was 8th, Stephen Green 13th, Jack Nicolaou 14th and Nick Barrett 15th. In the Clubman Veteran Class saw Dean Curry 3rd, Kevin Mole 4th, Andy Peck 5th, Jeff Turner 7th, Jason Carsboult 9th, Peter Barltrop 11th, Martin Baker 13th and Philip Barltrop 15th. So far in this Class Curry is 2nd and Peck joint 3rd.





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imagesWe now have some great Photos of the event thanks to Adam Ling please VIEW IMAGES HERE If you have any you would like to share please get in touch via the contact page.



Thanks to Roger Chaplin below are links to the videos of Foxborough Endurothon.





Conditions were perfect for the annual six hour Endurothon at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham last Sunday. The organisers had prepared an excellent course including the two bogs but none of the extreme parts and the sun shone for most of the day. Although there were only 29 teams of two this year 31 competitors rode the Iron Man (Solos) Class. In the Championship Class there were only two teams with Jason Morland (Halstead) and Julian Harvey (Ipswich) in one team while Chris Hockey (Sudbury) riding is the other team sprung a surprise teaming up with 18 year Brad Freeman from Staffordshire. In 2014 Freeman won the British 125cc Enduro Championship, Under 19 British Sprint Championship and Under 20 European Enduro Championship. Morland got away first but Freeman kept him in his sights and although Freeman is a top rider at the end of lap 1 and 2 failed to place his wrist band transponder correctly to the receiver and failed to record his position however as there were two backup systems being operated on the day he was later credited with these two laps. These two teams fought tooth and nail all day both completing the same number of laps however Hockey/Freeman took first place by 6 minutes and 7 seconds. Freeman gave a great display of his ability and one day could be a World Champion. The Expert Class was hotly contested with Martin Stevens/Ed Pooley (Diss) taking first place on 36 laps and there were six teams competing 35 laps but first over the finish line taking second place were Stephen & Mark Green (Sudbury), 3rd Danny Street/Dan Richardson (Sudbury/Halstead), 4th Phil Roper/Paul Belton (Sudbury), 5th Les & Alex Rampton (Sudbury), 6th Ben & Jack Grice (Lowestoft) and 7th Alex Walton/Andy Quorn (Sudbury). If Walton had not got stuck in one of the bogs which cost his team 8 minutes he and his riding partner could have won the Class. Matt Stone/Paul Hunt (Diss) won the Clubman Class with Dan Goodwin/Tom Morris (Sudbury/Diss) 2nd, Marc Norton/Matt Smith (Sudbury) 3rd, Martin Gunton/Gavin Potter (Sudbury) 4th, Stuart Philips/Matt Rampton (Sudbury) 5th, Paul Wilkinson/Dale Gladwin (Woodbridge/Sudbury) 6th, Ben Martin/Mark Fenwick (Sudbury) 7th and Edward & Euan Millar (udbury) 8th. With Jamie and Craig Roper riding Ironman Class it was expected they would battle for the first two places however Craig twice got stuck in the bogs losing many minutes in time while Jamie had a few problems riding the bogs but both of them just rode the day out taking long breaks as there were no points at stake. The eventual winner was Dan Hunt (Diss) on 31 laps, 2nd Will Hughes (Braintree), 3rd Alex Motts (Sudbury) both 30 laps, 4th Jason Carboult and young Samantha Webb the only lady competitor finished a creditable 14th. The new transponder based timing/recording system which was tried out was a great success.

Below  Rider No 62 Samantha Webb only lady competitor. No.3 Brad Freeman winner of the Championship with Chris Hockey. Rider No 24 Alex Walton stuck in the bog. Rider No. 24 Alex Walton's bike being pulled out of the bog.

Samantha WebbBrad FreemanAlex WaltonAlex Walton


The Sudbury Motor Cycle Club are still receiving rave reviews of their first Extreme Enduro held last month and the videos made by President Roger Chaplin have also been well receivedAndy Mason.Jamie Roper The six short videos of the event have had a total of 4190 views with video 3 having 2169 views. The two preview videos have received 1113 views while the interview with the comedian Ross Noble who competed in the event has reached 964 views. The Sudbury Club has not been standing still since this event while this month it has held its Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinner and Awards Night in which nearly 50 trophies were presented. At the annual function the 2015 Team Dave Roper line up was announced consisting of Alex Rampton, Ben Roper, Euan Millar, Jack Nicolaou, Nathan Greenaway and Ryan McDonnell and will be competing this coming Sunday at Round 1 of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/ Eastern Centre Enduro Championship in the Thetford Forest around Santon, the event being organised by the Diss Club. Round 2 takes place on Sunday 22 March at Butley being organised by the Woodbridge Club however sandwiched between these two events is the Sudbury Club’s annual 6 hour Endurothon at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham. The event starts at 9am and is open to teams of two and solos known as Ironman Class as they have to ride for the 6 hour on their own. On Sunday 19th April the Sudbury Club will be organising their annual Dave Roper Memorial Enduro at Great Cornard.


Awards EveningAwards Evening 2015

Photos from the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club's Annual Dinner and Awards Night on Saturday 7th February 2015 at the Stoke by Nayland Hotel and Golf Club



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News Item

Extreme Enduro 4th Jan 2015
Our Vice Chairman Rick Roper has asked me to thanks the Marshals who did sterling work at our Extreme Enduro on 04-01-2015. I would like to include in this The Course Builders (members and non members), the Lapscorers, Don Blackman for the experimental lapscoring system (more of that at a later date), the riders for putting up such a wonderful show and the spectators for coming and watching the entertainment.

Images now in Gallery thanks to Sharon Barltrop & Stuart Cooper VIEW IMAGES

Videos thanks to Roger chaplin


Jamie RoperHeavy rain the day before the first Sudbury Motor Cycle Club’s Extreme Enduro threatened the event but with overnight frost and temperatures at minus four degrees made the going ride able. The sun was shining for the 11am start at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham when the six Pro Class riders started their 150 yard run to their bikes followed by 13 Experts, 18 Clubman and 7 Trials riders at one minute intervals. Chris Hockey took an early lead in the Pro Class with Moto Cross Ace Jake Nichols in hot pursuit while Jamie Roper was further down the field. The many obstacles around the course were causing many problems to all the riders while the top riders were completing a lap in around 5 minutes while the lower riders were taking around 10 minutes. At the end of the first lap the tractor tyres, tree trunks and oil drums were causing havoc with riders falling off or slipping off because of this muddy tyres but they picked themselves up and slogged their way through. As the two hour session wore on the temperature rose but it made the going muddier and muddier but the spectators loved it and were being well entertained. Before the first hour had finished Hockey had to retire as his engine over heated along with several other riders before the end. Ross HallRoper was pacing himself and gradually making his way through the field after passing Nichols for the lead he held on to it completing 18 laps with Nichols 2nd 16 laps while Sam Toy in devastating form took 3rd on 13 laps. Stevie Roper riding in the Expert Class seems to be struggling at times but his quality shone through with first place completing 15 laps with Phil Roper 2nd 10 laps, Jack Grice 3rd and Paul Belton 4th both on 9 laps. Ross Hall won the Clubman Class completing 12 laps, 2nd Tom Collett 3rd Brian Till both on 11 laps. Up and coming rider Alex Rampton secured 4th place on 7 laps pushing comedian Ross Noble into 5th. Ross rides as often as possible in Extreme Enduro throughout Europe and it was the first preview video made by President Roger Chaplin Ross saw on the Enduro News website which made enter the Sudbury event and he thoroughly enjoyed himself and he kindly gave an interview at the end of the day. Dare Devil rider Chris Northover was the only finisher in the Trials Class and of the 44 riders started only 17 finished. The Sudbury Club have received a lot of rave reviews for this event which is richly deserved for the time and hard work they have put into it and this would have made founding member Maurice Damant who passed away on New Year’s Day very proud.



Rider No.1 Jamie Roper winner Pro Class. Rider No. 70 Stevie Roper winner Expert Class Rider 67 Ross Hall winner Clubman Class Rider 68 Chris Northover winner Trial Class Rider 69 Ross Noble (comedian) who rides Extreme Enduros.

 Chris NorthoverExtreme EnduroRoss NobleJamie RoperJamie RoperSteve Roper




 video footageBlast From The Past
The is a gem cine footage put onto DVD. Suffolk Grand National Scramble 31-03-1963 organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at Tye Farm Great Cornard Suffolk.



VideosDr Shox boot camp video
This is where the Sudbury MCC Dave Roper trust funded under 21 riders have been training for more info on this school please visit this link.



Blast from the Past

By & featuring Roger Chaplin

Anglia Television were doing articles on some minority sports and I was contacted by the Presenter and Interviewer Cy Percival asking me if I would set something up.Filming took place in January 1971 and it is in black and white because of a union despite with colour filming.The Sudbury Club in the 1960s organised for Anglia Television two scrambles demos at Tye Farm Great Cornard and of course we had the live BBC TV Grandstand Scramble (the second one they ever ran) with Murray Walker as commentator


Tye Farm 1971 Trials






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