Sudbury MCC

Sudbury MCC – 16th May 2021 – Adult Results

Sudbury MCC- GH Motorcycles Eastern Centre Round 1 Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex Solo – 16th May 2021

The first solo round of the Eastern Centre Championship sponsored by GH Motorcycles at Foxborough Quarry took place Sunday. With a full adult entry of 130 riders across 6 classes the track was always going to busy and after the heavy rain fall Saturday and a dismal forecast predicted on the Sunday the pocket of land in Sible Hedingham managed to escape the downpours and the course held out for the two and half hour adult race.

A fierce tussle between the Championships class riders ended up with the bog taking a few casualties as always and providing ample entertainment for any witnesses, with Ben Clark taking the top spot on 19 laps with Luke Parker in second on 18 Laps and Ben Cole less than two seconds slower on the same. Sudbury Club members Jake & Phil Roper took both expert podium positions after second place last month in the two man at the clubs first event of the year, son Jake Roper took the expert title and father Phil Roper taking the Expert vet. title so much to celebrate in the Roper household. Another Sudbury member and part of the Dave Roper team took first place in Clubman Class for the second time this year, having won the 2 man back in April a consistent result for Suffolk based Barnaby Knight, second place went to Joe Henthorn no stranger to the numbered boxes and third place to Colin Brand who sadly didn’t make the presentation and missed the fun of spraying a bottle of bubbly over fellow winners. This entertaining challenge was duly accepted by the remaining winners and runners up, cementing a new tradition for the rest of the year as we celebrate coming out of lockdown and look forward to the remaining series of events.

Adult Results


1st Ben Clark
2nd Luke Parker
3rd Ben Cole
4th Jason Morland
5th Richard Roper
6th Jack Sheppard


1st  Jake Roper
2nd Thomas Sargent
3rd George Eustace
4th Shaun Leggett
5th Joseph Hall
6th Joe Phillips


1st  Barnaby Knight
2nd Joseph Henthorn
3rd Colin Brand
4th Micheal Wilson
5th Albert Van Dye
6th Mitchell Beagrie

Clubman Vets

1st Paul Belton
2nd Jason Naruszewicz
3rd Keith Maude
4th Simon Davies
5th Jason Carsboult
6th Carl Lawrence 

Expert Vets

1st   Phil Roper
2nd Arran Nicoll
3rd Alan Morris
4th Raymond Otoka
5th Darren Carter
6th Robert Swann

Super Vets

1st Alan Vissian
2nd John Hilton
3rd Richard Squirrel
4th Graham Mays
5th Darren Carter
6th Robert Swann

Championship - 1st Ben Clark
Championship - 3rd Ben Cole
Championship - 4th Jason Morland
Championship - 6th Jack Sheppard
Clubman - 1st Barnaby Knight
Clubman - 3rd Colin Brand
Clubman Vets - 1st Paul Belton
Clubman Vets - 2nd Jason Naruszewi
Expert - 1st Jacob Roper
Expert - 2nd Thomas Sargent
Expert - 3rd Thomas Sargent
Expert - 6th Joe Phillips
Super Vets 2nd, Expert Vets 1st
Super Vets - 3rd Richard Squirrel
Expert Vets - 1st Phil Roper