Sudbury MCC

SMCC - Point-To-Point Scramble

SMCC – Point-To-Point Scramble

In the latter months of 1961, the then named Sudbury & District Motor Cycles & Light Car Club decided not to run a Grass Track Meeting in 1962 as the one in 1961 made a loss so then applied to the Eastern Centre ACU to run three Scrambles, 1st April 1962, 27th May 1962 and 29th July 1962 alongside two Sporting Trials 17th June 1962 and 30th December 1962.

How did the year 1962 pan out and here how the first Scramble went? Barry Chaplin was once again Secretary of the Meeting and this 19-year old was given the added responsibility of Clerk of the Course. He went about this with great gusto firstly by naming the event the Suffolk Point to Point Scramble with Ipswich Motor Cycle dealer Geoff Revett donating a trophy for the winner of the main race, secondly securing as many top riders as possible.