Sudbury MCC

Foxborough Hare & Hounds 26th July 2020

At Foxborough with the kind permission of Mr William Turtle, this regular venue on the Sudbury calendar has had a facelift with the addition of the bog after many years lying dormant alongside many other tweaks and track variations it transformed the familiar undulating course and posed a few questions to the 120 riders who tackled the race after heavy rain the night before. It was a pleasure to see so many new & familiar faces after months of not racing or even riding due to the unprecedented covid restrictions. With strict rules and regulations upon entry everyone from Sudbury MCC appreciates everyone’s cooperation abiding to social distancing under ACU rules under whose jurisdiction the days race permit was issued. Thank you.

Paula Day Photography



1st Jake Nicholls 22 laps

2nd Ben Cole 21 Laps

3rd Shaun Southgate 21 Laps

4th Jamie Roper 21 Laps

5th Craig Roper 20 Laps

6th Jack Berry  20 Laps




1st Mitchell Parfitt 20 Laps

2nd Joe Phillips 20 Laps

3rd Shaun Leggett 19 Laps

4th Phil Roper 19 Laps

5th George Bales 19 Laps

6th Conor Gadd 19 Laps



1st Joseph Henthorn 19 Laps

2nd Roger Frean 18 Laps

3rd Barnaby Knight 18 Laps

4th Gary Curtis 18 Laps

5th Darren Carter 18 Laps

6th Colin Brand 18 Laps